Bauermeister Aircraft Interior (BAI) design and produce cabin interior parts on two different sites. In the Headquarter in Hamburg (Germany) we are focused on Customer Service, Order Administration and the Quality inspection Team. Also in Hamburg we have our modern equipped Cutting & Gluing department and the experts for the pattern development. In our EASA approved Production facility in Ketrzyn (Poland) we rely on our high performance sewing experts. BAI have been formed to be flexible and consequently can be adapted to specific customer requirements.

  • Pattern development
    • BAI is able to transfer your design request into a first prototype in a few days. Therefor our team is equipped with a computer aided pattern development program
    • To achieve the aim we need your seat frame and the cushions to get the right fit of the tailor-made dress cover
  • Pattern optimization
    • With our computer aided pattern maker we optimize your existing pattern or create a new one to generate a better outcome of your material and to save waste
  • Dress cover customization
    • The aircraft cabin is your business card which every passenger notice when he enter the aircraft. BAI is able to transfer your Corporate Design onto the seat. We create cabin interiors which satisfy your demands.
  • Manufacturing
    • Cutting (leather & fabric)
    • Gluing (lamination on foam)
    • Sewing
    • Embroidery
    • Embossing
    • Digital Printing
    • 100% Quality Inspection
  • Engineering (Part 21J)
    • Together with our Engineering Partners we´re your reliable team and offer a one stop shop solution of EASA Part 21J Engineering paperwork and the EASA Part 21G products which we deliver with EASA Form 1
    • Please ask for more information