Bauermeister Aircraft Interior offers a high level of quality interior products & services to the aviation industry for more than 60years. We are very proud of our engaged and flexible team which allows us to act very successfully to the fast changing aviation market. Our broad product range and the certification acc.
EASA Part 21G is the best commitment to our customers. We have a long-term partnership to our customers which are airlines, leasing companies and seat manufacturers.


GERMANY (Head office)

Bauermeister Aircraft Interior GmbH
Neumann-Reichardt-Straße 34
22041 Hamburg / GERMANY

POLAND (Production facility EASA PL.21G.0010)

Bauermeister Aircraft Interior
ul. W. Orkana 9a
11-400 Ketrzyn / POLAND


  • Founded in 1855 by Hermann Bauermeister as a upholstery company in the Admiralitätsstraße (HH-Harbor)
  • In 1897 Carl C. Hornung joined the company and focused on cruise ships
  • In 1906 Carl C. Hornung became a shareholder member
  • In 1937 Carl W. Hornung succeeds the business from his father Carl C.
  • In 1953 after the second world war the Family Hornung moved the company to the Bovestraße / Neumann-Reichardt-Straße
  • In 1960 Uwe Hornung joined the company and continued the cruise as well as the furniture business
  • In 1961 Bauermeister started to work with Lufthansa as the first aviation customer
  • In 1988 Frank Hornung started assisting his father Uwe Hornung
  • In 2005 Bauermeister got the approval acc. EASA part 21G
  • In 2011 Frank Hornung established the Bauermeister Aircraft Interior
  • In 2018 Thomas Niederste-Hollenberg joined the company as Sales Manager
  • In 2019 March – Thomas Niederste-Hollenberg became Managing Director
  • In 2022 June Bauermeister got the approval acc. EASA.21J.799